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Weigh-In Wednesday-#5 & #6- A Starting All Over Again Twofer…

So, if there are any of you out there who keep up with me and my weigh-ins (and I’m sure you are few and far between), then you probably noticed that I haven’t actually posted the last few Wednesdays. This was not a slip up or oversight on my part- I actually did remember to weigh. I just didn’t post because I was totally embarrassed about the actual amount of weight I managed to gain. I don’t know why it was such a problem for me to post- the whole point of this blog is to be an accounting of EVERYTHING… good, bad, AND ugly. And lemme tell you… the past few weeks’ weight gain has been UUUUUUG-LY!

BUT, I am totally OVER my pity party. I was actually over it last Wednesday when I weighed in at 373.4 and realized I wasn’t just back up to my original starting weight but had actually managed to surpass it! I was so utterly frustrated that I wanted to scream. I jumped back in the saddle that very day- I just haven’t had the time to post about it yet because of being so busy- hence the Weigh-In Wednesday Twofer!

It’s still been a busy time in our lives- my Mom’s been in the midst of buying a new house (yay!), we’re still working on the craziness that is our backyard (a piece of the Amazon Rainforest transplanted in NC), we adopted a new puppy, and we just celebrated a certain 5-year-olds birthday (Hey Ro!). Plus I’ve been feeling uber-crafty (I’m sure you’ll see the posts soon), so I’ve got 400 projects in various stages of completion lying around the house. (Remember that whole 85% girl thing? Yeah, it’s rearing it’s head…)

Regardless  of all that craziness, I’ve been intensely committed this time, probably even moreso than last time, and I feel like I’ve noticed a difference (and not just in my clothes, but in my attitude). I’ve been making all of our snacks so that we’re eating less processed foods and healthier fare, I’ve been getting up at 6 a.m. to make sure we all have a home cooked breakfast instead of cold cereal (and if you know me you KNOW this is a HUGE deal!), and I’ve been making sure we ALL (including Tim) get a wholesome, well-rounded lunch each day. I can’t say it’s been easy- planning 3 squares a day plus snacks- but it’s certainly been rewarding. Now, let’s see if Mr. Scale agrees….

Here’s the stats: 

372 lbs
Week 1
365.4 lbs
-6.6 lbs
Week 2
364 lbs
-1.4 lbs
Week 3
364 lbs
Week 4
361.6 lbs
-2.4 lbs
Skip a few
Not worth mentioning
Let’s just forget this!
Week 5
Week 6
-9.1 lbs


YUP! I’ll say it’s definitely been working! My body always does this after I’ve been off my eating plan for an ‘extended vacation’. My first week is almost a ‘jump start’ of sorts and I do really, really well and then it begins to level out into the 1-2 lb/week range. I’m not entirely sure if my scale was smokin’ dope and these numbers are entirely legit… but I’ll take it where I can get it!

As for staying on track, I’m still feeling completely dedicated. I’ve already got my menu planned (surprise! it’s below!) and I’m excited to see what the next few weeks bring! I’ve even got a neat project planned for getting me back on the exercise bandwagon (I sense a blog post in the future!)


So, here’s hoping this coming week is just as successful as the past one. Fingers crossed, y’all!

Til next time… may the fork be with you!

P.S. You can find most of my recipes for next week on my ‘Eats‘ page. (And if they’re not there yet, they will be… just keep checking back) Enjoy!


2 comments to Weigh-In Wednesday-#5 & #6- A Starting All Over Again Twofer…

  • Tim Snyder  says:

    I am super proud of you baby! I am behind you 100% and you are doing great! (Just don’t forget that Ro is 6 now ;) )

    • Jenn  says:

      Thank you sweetheart! I appreciate your support- and your unerring willingness to eat peas. And yes, I know Ro is 6, but he was 5… hence why I phrased it that way. DUH!! Love ya!

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