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Our First Stab at UWG…


So, you know how any time you do something for the very first time (unless it’s something supremely easy), by the time you’re done you have created a laundry list of ways you’ll do it differently (and waaaaaay better) when (IF!) you ever do it again? Well, that’s sorta what happened to us when we took our first crack at attending UWG.

For those who didn’t read my brief post on our ‘Countdown to Kalahari’, you probably have no idea what I’m talking about and the acronym UWG could means so many things to you: Unofficial Women Gunslingers, Unruly Wacky Gradeschoolers, Unripe Watermelon Gatherers… you get the picture...

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Countdown to Kalahari!

I find it laughable, really, to be writing this post when the event we are ‘counting down’ towards is an event we have actually already been home from, for the better part of two weeks.


Yes folks, the ever inimitable ‘Queen of Procrastination’ strikes again. To be completely honest, I wasn’t even going to write this post this late in the game but my ever encouraging mama told me it was a must because it was such a killer idea. (For the record, killer idea is my phrase- not hers).

Before we go any further, I have to give you a brief background breakdown here or none of this will make sense. (Heck, it might not even with the explanation- so…good luck with that)...

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