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Framed Fabric Art (or is it?!?!)

5-30-13 152

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They say that necessity is the mother of invention- I tend to disagree. I’m of the camp that believes it is laziness that is the true mother of invention. Case in point: I have this swath of wall behind my front door- just a random piece of wall that doesn’t really have a purpose, isn’t all that great to look at, and doesn’t do much good for anybody other than holding up the roof...

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Cuts Both Ways…

Have you ever had one of those soul-piercing moments as a parent where you are presented with an image so terrifying that you are stuck- mouth agape- frozen in shock and awe, as your mind scrambles to make sense of what it just witnessed? This was exactly my predicament last Thursday night as my irrepressible three-year-old daughter tripped into our living room to tattle on her older brother (or some such tripe and I knew immediately that something ‘just wasn’t right‘. As she turned to leave, I noticed that some of her hair seemed to be falling out- it was dangling off of her shoulder and was just barely clinging to the rest of the hairs on her head.

My baby with her long, beautiful h...
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Countdown to Kalahari!

I find it laughable, really, to be writing this post when the event we are ‘counting down’ towards is an event we have actually already been home from, for the better part of two weeks.


Yes folks, the ever inimitable ‘Queen of Procrastination’ strikes again. To be completely honest, I wasn’t even going to write this post this late in the game but my ever encouraging mama told me it was a must because it was such a killer idea. (For the record, killer idea is my phrase- not hers).

Before we go any further, I have to give you a brief background breakdown here or none of this will make sense. (Heck, it might not even with the explanation- so…good luck with that)...

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