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Listed below are links to other blogs/websites that I find incredibly helpful on my quest to discovering my fabuLESSly svelte self!


Jack Sh*t, Gettin’ Fit 

This is one of THE most hilarious weight loss blogs out there! Jack’s posts are poignant, yet funny enough to make them memorable. Yes, obesity is a serious issue and losing weight is hard work, but it doesn’t have to be as tedious as balancing the Federal budget! Jack proves this in each and every post- and his parody songs are GREAT!!

Miz Fit Online

Carla is one of the craziest bloggers out there- she is so funny! Her posts are inspiring, especially the one (found here), about what all of us do in life to try and ‘fit in’ when really we should be embracing everything that is unique about ourselves. I connect with Carla on so many levels and feels like I am talking to a friend when reading her posts. Worth a look.


Fat Girl Fights Back

This is one of my favorite blogs on the web- written by a lady named Elizabeth who I believe was separated from me at birth. She is AWESOME! Her blog is no longer updated (and hasn’t been since April 2012), but I still find tons of witty and relevant information within her posts.


Keeping the Pounds Off!

This blog is inspiring! Written by a self-confessed food addict, Jane, it will leave you amazed and questioning your own limits and boundaries where food is involved. A must-read!


The Anti-Jared 

Taking a cue from Subway’s spokesman, Jared, Tony has also lost over 200 pounds- he just goes about it differently. This is a good blog to read, because it gives you a new perspective on weight loss and exercise. Just keep in mind that because it’s written by a guy, it’s got a different ‘voice and tone’ than those blogs written by women- it takes a bit of getting used to but it ‘s definitely worth the effort.


Carrots ‘N Cake

This is a cute little blog written by a fitness nut who struggled with some weight loss issues several years ago. Her posts are a bit too ‘fitness-y’ for me at my stage of the game right now (i.e. can barely catch my breath when climbing stairs) but her recipes are TO DIE FOR!! Definitely worth checking out.