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meet the help!

This blog wouldn’t be possible without the love and assistance of my wonderful family. From agreeing to go along to my insane flights of fancy (i.e. my DIY ideas) to being my constant kitchen helpers, they are my harshest critics and my sincerest endorsers. Although all of them help out in every project we undertake, each of them is uniquely suited to certain tasks and as such gets special ‘mom time’ which is fun for everyone involved! So, without further ado…


In corner #1- weighing in at ‘I’m not going to tell you how many’ pounds….  the husband who rocks my DIY world……


(And the crowd goes WILD!!!!)

From Alltel Phone 088

This is a man after my own heart. With a technical theater background, he’s a handyman’s handyman and DIYer’s dream guy. Add to that his work in the I.T. industry and a heart the size of the universe and you’ve got yourself a man who may not exactly be perfect, but who’s exactly perfect for me!


In corner #2, weighing in at 134.8 lbs. (mainly from all that random trivia clogging up his brain)… the 14-year-old who puts the FUN in dysFUNctional….


2-21-13 026

This is the kid who constantly tries my patience but comes through for me time and time again when I just need someone to understand. Compassionate to a fault, but weirdly full of useless drivel, this is the kid that I can have existential talks with til 4 a.m. about crazy conspiracy theories and our purpose on Earth. He’s also a damn fine onion dicer and garlic mincer.


In corner #3, weighing in at 92.4 lbs. (butobviouslystillthinkshe’sapetite7yearoldbecausehesatonmysidetable
andBROKEITtheotherday!)….the kid who thinks he knows it all (and isn’t afraid to show it!)…



This is my most helpful child who is usually always up for a challenge… but don’t be fooled! He can throw down with attitude if the need arises! He’s whip smart and has a great sense of humor- just don’t ask him to think outside of a recipe because apparently…that is NOT a superpower he possesses! :D He does, however, happen to know where just about everything in the house is at any given time- that is VERY handy!


In corner #4, weighing in at 53.4 lbs. of pure adorable boyness, the kid who makes my heart sing with a simple smile….


1-26-14 116

This is the child that has enough personality for 10 kids and isn’t afraid to put on a show to get everyone rolling! Most of the time he’s quiet and unassuming and then when you least expect it… BAM! Hilarity ensues! He’s my most empathetic child, constantly apologizing- even when things aren’t his fault. And he always worries after each family member like a little mother hen. Such a sweet, sweet boy! If only I could teach him the fine art of a hairbrush…..


And lastly, running around center ring (mainlybecausewe’realloutofcornersandwell…she’salittlebithyper), weighing in at 41.8lbs. of the most precious piece of heaven ever allowed here on Earth….

Tara Shae!!

3-7-14 385_2

This is the little girl who fought long and hard to even make it into the world and she shows us all daily, with a word/smile/desire to be princess, what making lemonade out of lemons is all about. Our family wasn’t complete until she entered it and now I can’t imagine life without her. She is my touch of whimsy, splash of pink, little mermaid, lost glass slipper, and proverbial happy ending. She also gives the best hugs, has a wicked sarcastic sense of humor for a four-year-old- and the best part? She loveslovesloves flowers… just like her old mom!