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Weigh-In Wednesday-#4

Allllllllllllllllllllllright, y’all! I am so totally starting to love Wednesdays! I gotta say, when I stepped on the scale this morning, I really wasn’t prepared for a whole lot. Scratch that- I was actually prepared for the needle digital numbers to creep ever skyward- as this week was, once again, just as bad as the previous two. In fact, if asked to describe it in a modicum of words, ‘less than stellar’ is what I would probably use.

It’s not that we deliberately set out to sabotage ourselves- we seriously don’t! And it’s not even like we did a lot of eating out (we didn’t), had a lot of sweets (nope on that one too), or anything in that arena. Huh-uh, we’re still trying to hurdle the mother of all stumbling blocks right now- the fact that we are stretching ourselves in a zillion directions!

Take my average day for example- between schooling the kids, working on my blog, trying to plan meals/exercise/etc, run a household, plan a neighborhood yard sale and/or block party (not at the same time, mind you), figure out ‘what’s for dinner?’, deal with someone always hollering ‘I’m hungry!’ (even the dang cat!)… whew! I’m exhausted just typing it and it’s obvious there’s just not enough hours in the day. On top of that, my poor mama’s trying to sell her home, buy a new one, and we keep getting bamboozled every time we turn around! By the time I get my morning dose of ‘As NC Real Estate Turns’- it’s already time for lunch and I haven’t even had breakfast yet! :) Thank goodness she and I both have a great sense of humor and get along so well. That way we can laugh our way through most of it!

So, because of living such a busy life I usually just end up grabbing whatever is convenient- and that isn’t always the healthiest or most diet friendly choice. I try to keep easy and healthy stuff on hand, but with 4 men in the house… Mother Hubbard’s Cupboard is quite often bare! So, one of my new goals is to try and stay ahead of my shopping (and their eating) so that I’m not stuck raiding the pantry and fridge or just eating ‘whatever’ because I have to have something.

Enough bellyaching. Here are the stats for this week:

372 lbs
Week 1
365.4 lbs
-6.6 lbs
Week 2
364 lbs
-1.4 lbs
Week 3
364 lbs
Week 4
361.6 lbs
-2.4 lbs


Regardless of my ‘less than stellar’ week, I am so stoked about my 2.4 lb loss. I am finally back to the lowest I’ve been since I started the journey. I know 11.8 lbs doesn’t seem like that much to some people- but for those of you faithful readers who remember my fist shaking rant at those same 11 lbs- you’ll understand why this weigh-in is a momentous one. And why next week’s will be even moreso; next week will be the deciding weigh-in to see if I can finally beat the 11 lb curse my weight seems to hold over me. Send good vibes my way that I can actually do it, okay?

In my corner are some great people out there in blogland that I want to send a quick shoutout to. One of them is a dear friend I’ve made over at Back to Her Roots- Cassie Johnston. I stumbled upon Cassie’s blog quite by accident and she has become one of my biggest inspirations. Right now, I am proudly participating in her #supersummer challenge. It encompasses your mind as well as your body, so that everything you do is good for all parts of you! I love that concept.

One of the even neater parts of the challenge is Cassie allowed us to sign-up to have accountability partners (I almost view them as AA sponsors-lol!) and I was lucky enough to land an awesome lady who happens to live within an hours drive from me! She specifically sought me out because we were so close geographically but also because we share similar weight loss challenges and even the same first name and last initial! It must be fate!

So, that’s all for me this time. I’m gonna keep my nose to the grindstone and keep pushing forward. Here’s hoping that next week brings me that all important barrier breakthrough. Pray for me peeps!

Until next time… may the fork be with you!


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