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Welcome to the World… Little Bloggie!

In true Jenn style, this blog has been a creative endeavor that has been over a year and a half in the making. Not that it’s actually taken that long to learn how to use Blogger (it’s not that hard!) or even that it was so difficult picking a background and a font (I’m sorta picky but not to that extent…ok… I will admit I spent an inordinate amount of time on font choices… but still!) Nope, it was just another case of me doing what I do best- dawdlingtarryingdilly-dallying… oh to heck with it! PROCRASTINATING!!. Or, better put, letting the things I have to do getting in the way of the things I want to do. 
See, I dreamt up the idea of this little baby over a year ago during the holiday season of 2011. I had taken up several new pursuits during that year and I wanted to share them with with family and friends spread far and wide. I had neat new ideas for saving money, saving time, saving energy, saving sanity (!) etc and I thought I’d have it up and running in a matter of days… yeah.
I know the title of the blog can be a bit confusing, so let me take a minute to explain where it came from and how I got there. I decided to start this out of my desire to share my experiences with making most of my food from scratch and my attempts at couponing to save mucho dinero in the ‘can’t make it, so have to buy it department’. The idea blossomed from there- my family and I are trying to take a new approach to life- a more wholesome approach where we live a more fully realized life but do so by utilizing less ‘stuff’. 
  • LESS processed food helps us eat healthier. So, I can post about my successes (and oh so many screw-ups!) learning how to make homemade bread. Or my attempts at growing (and then canning) my own vegetables. Or my master recipe for sneaking veggies my kids hate into their spaghetti sauce so they think they’re winning and really I am!! 
  • LESS food also helps us live a MORE fabulous life as we’ll be thinner! This ties in with the weight loss journey that my husband and I are currently undertaking and we hope we can use this blog as an inspiration to other people undergoing the same struggles we are with weight and self-image issues. The thinner we are, the healthier we will be and the MORE time we will have with our children to do MORE with them.
  • My couponing secrets can come in handy as LESS money is spent in the grocery store to help you have MORE food in the house and MORE money in your bank account- everyone likes that!
  • Now that we’ve taken on homeschooling, we’re thriving with LESS influence from the government in an effort to give our children a MORE hands-on education in an environment with one-on-one contact and safety never being an issue. My training and experience as a teacher helps me have awesome curriculum ideas that I am so excited to share!
  • And there’s so much more but I’m running out of time to type!

As you can see, the premise is a sound one. You truly can live a fabuLESS life! You can squeeze every drop out of every single day and do it with less- you just have to know how!

So, determined to make 2013
The Year of the Jenn
one of my major New Year’s resolutions is to actively utilize my blog- which means today is little bloggie’s birthday!!. This blog will be a chance for me to stay in touch with all those I love who are spread all over this great world, give me an opportunity to meet new (awesome!) people who share the same interests my family and I do, and allow me the space to share all the stuff I think is cool, unique, and noteworthy- even if my own family might think it’s silly! (I know someone out there will think it’s cool too!)
I can’t promise I’ll always get it right. I can’t promise you’ll walk away from every post feeling like you learned something new or discovered something extraordinary. But I can promise that every post will be an experience- and even in my failures (which I won’t hesitate to blog about in a most humorous way) you will find a success of some sort. As Bruce Lee says, “Don’t fear failure.  Not failure, but low aim, is the crime. In great attempts, it is glorious even to fail.” 
I hope somewhere along the way something I show you will inspire you to dream bigger, reach higher, and wish farther than you ever have before. Because it’s only when we push ourselves beyond our limits that we are able to discover our true measure.
Until next time…

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  • Unknown  says:

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  • Unknown  says:

    I am so glad that you got your bloggie going! You do so much for our family and it is great that you can share your ideas and thoughts with the world! Love you Baby!

  • Anonymous  says:

    I am very excited Jenn about your new blog….it looks great and you are such a wonderful writer!! Love ya, Rachael

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