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Weigh-In Wednesday-#2


Today was weigh-in day after my 2nd week on the plan. It wasn’t terrible- it wasn’t great either. I think it possibly could have been better if I had remembered if was weigh-in day before I ate- weighing with a stomach full of yummy breakfast probably added at least a pound (or five)… right?!?

It probably also could have been more in my favor if I hadn’t had company this past weekend. My dad came up to visit and help us replace some wood rot we had on the house and while he was here our eating got ALL kinds of CRAZY! We got involved in so many projects that before we knew it, we were eating dinner at 10:00 at night! I tried valiantly to keep us on our eating plan, but we did have to resort to some fast food while he was here and I knew it would have an effect. That being said, here are my stats:

Starting Weight- 372 lbs
Week 1- 365.4 lbs (-6.6 lbs)
Week 2- 364 lbs (-1.4 lbs)

So, with all that against me (and I’m claiming monthly bloating too!), I still managed to pull off 1.4 pounds! I would have loved it to have been more, but at least it is a loss. Not too shabby! It keeps me motivated and if I can stay away from fast food joints then we should be A-OK. Here’s hopin’…..!

Til next time… may the fork be with you!



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