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Commitment Issues….


That’s it. I HAVE HAD IT!! I am up to *HERE* with this damn weightloss/yo-yo diet diet/stop-start-stop cycle and I am FED UP!! Me and this 11 lbs are going to end up coming to blows! Enough is enough already!! TOTAL. FRICKIN’. DO OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Whew! I certainly feel better now that I have that out of my system. Sorry for the explosive intro but I truly felt like I was going to have a meltdown if I didn’t let it all out. I know it maybe seems like it was coming a bit out of left field, and that’s partly (ok…mostly) my fault, for not keeping all of you out there in blogland updated on what was happening in our lives, and I’m really really sorry about that.

Last we talked, you thought Tim and I were gung-ho and dedicated about the weight loss- AND WE WERE!! But then life got in the way- as life is so often wont to do. First it was our trip to UWG (which I told you about here and here) where the mom of the family we roomed with made a cinnamon swirl challah bread that was NOT to be denied! Then, it was our recovery from our trip to UWG (which lasted far longer than I felt it should).

We made a comeback for a while by getting back on board with Weight Watchers, joining a local gym (and actually going!), and the like- but then I got a reeeeally bad burn on my arm that turned really icky because apparently I’m allergic to neosporin (who knew?!?) So, next thing I know, my arm looks like the Creature from the Black Lagoon and I’m not going anywhere near the gym for fear of spreading something! Enter derailment #2. Add to that a general feeling of malaise, the passing of germs around the family so none of us are all well together at the same time, and then the advent of the worst allergy season I have seen…EVER- and well, I just have had my work cut out for me.

Throw in an out of town trip to stage my mom’s house for selling (I’ll post about that soon- it’s too too cute!), all the work we’re trying to do around here (and dang! the projects just keep coming!), and I’m usually too darn tired to cook- or could really care less if anyone actually eats. With a schedule like that, how am I actually supposed to keep all of us on a healthy eating plan, fitting in exercising, minimizing costs, etc. It seems insurmountable at this juncture and I feel defeated before I have even begun (again). *sigh*

BUT, all is not lost! Never one to be a pessimist (I leave that for my teenagers), I have decided that instead of waving the white flag in surrender, it’s time to throw down the weight loss gauntlet and attack this with renewed vigor. Ever since beginning this journey at the start of the year, I have lost (and regained) the same 11 pounds over and over again. Not only am I aggravated by this (you want to talk about a hamster wheel!) but I recently read an article in Weight Watchers Magazine that said women who lose and regain the same 10 lbs. repeatedly (a.k.a yo-yo dieting) are at a higher risk for cancer in later life.

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Today (and by today, I mean Jan. 7) is the First Day of the Rest of My Life!

I’ve been a fat girl all my life.

OK… that’s not entirely true. I managed to maintain a pretty trim figure until I was about 10 years old. (I know, impressive huh?) Up until that point I hated chocolate- actually DESPISED the stuff. (I’m still convinced it was due to alien experiements being carried out in my body… but I have no proof to speak of…) In any event, at the age of 10 a switch was flipped, chocolate became a dear friend, and I got FAT. (Sorry chocolate- someone had to be the fall guy) Keep in mind, I didn’t just gain a little weight… I got fat fat. Like gooey ‘can’t shop in the juniors department’ anymore fat. It was gross and painful and embarrassing...

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Welcome to the World… Little Bloggie!

In true Jenn style, this blog has been a creative endeavor that has been over a year and a half in the making. Not that it’s actually taken that long to learn how to use Blogger (it’s not that hard!) or even that it was so difficult picking a background and a font (I’m sorta picky but not to that extent…ok… I will admit I spent an inordinate amount of time on font choices… but still!) Nope, it was just another case of me doing what I do best- dawdlingtarryingdilly-dallying… oh to heck with it! PROCRASTINATING!!. Or, better put, letting the things I have to do getting in the way of the things I want to do. 
See, I dreamt up the idea of this little baby over a year ago during the holiday ...
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