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#SouperSaturday: Smoky Farro & Chickpea Soup

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Oh my gosh, y’all!

This has been the most confusing winter I think I’ve ever experienced!
Bitterly cold for 2 or 3 days, then 60’s & sunny for 2, then back to ice and snow for another 4.
I guess it’s a good thing we never packed away our summer wardrobe this year!!

It also hasn’t helped in keeping us well…the ENTIRE family had the flu for Christmas.
And now we just keep passing around sore throats & stuffy noses.
I sure will be glad when Spring gets here!

Right now, we’re dealing with ice storms and treacherous driving conditions.
Everything is coated with this thick sheet of ice that almost makes the entire world look like it’s wrapped in plastic.

{Dance Break! Wrapped in plastic…it’s fantastic!}

But I digress.


With it this cold, our poor old 100-year-old-house has a hard time keeping us warm.
So, when thinking about any kind of food, all I want is warm and comforting, but I don’t want to ruin any progress I’ve made on my journey.
So chicken & dumplings is out…and healthy soup is in!


When I first saw this recipe title & picture, I was all gung-ho to try it.
Then when I started making it, I realized there was no meat in it at all. NONE!
And y’all, I come from the South…my mama put ground beef in her vegetable soup!!


So, I’m not used to many soups without meat.
{The few exceptions being Broccoli & Cheese and Tomato.}
However, I was already in the kitchen and had all the ingredients pulled out.
So I figured, what could it hurt?


This soup is super easy to pull together and it smelled really good while cooking!
It doesn’t have too many ingredients (most are herbs) and it’s ready to eat before you know it.
I was still secretly afraid my whole family would rebel at the whole ‘vegetarian soup’ thing.
To set the example, I filled my bowl right up.
When I took my first bite, I thought my head was going to come off.



It has so much flavor and is ridiculously filling!
Layers of chickpeas, tomatoes, and swiss chard make it super healthy!
An herbal medley adds flavors that keep your palate singing!
The farro acts like a ground beef substitute, so you get a real heartiness that is unexpected.
And with only 8 SmartPoints per 1.5 cup serving…

I am IN LOVE!!


I got this recipe from the Cooking Light Diet, which I’ve been using since I started back on my weight loss journey.
I really enjoy the planning process with CLD and the recipes fit right in with my Weight Watchers SmartPoints!
{In fact, I often find myself under my SmartPoints allotment after a full day of eating!}


Now that I’ve tempted you with enough photos…you can find and print the recipe here!

I promise, you will not regret trying this soup.
I have picky, picky, picky teenage boys and even they asked for seconds & thirds!
When it’s teenage boy approved, you know it’s gotta be good!


So go now. Make this. Fill your belly with feel-good goodness!
And let me know how you loved it!

Until next time…chew the right thing!


P.S. I’m always on the search for new, delicious soup recipes. Leave me a link to your fave in the comments…I’d love to try it out!

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Disclaimer: My ‘blogging’ camera was MIA during this cooking sesh…so please forgive the crappy cell phone photos!

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