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‘Thankful’ Button Craft

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Hey guys! Happy {early} Thanksgiving!

Who here loves Thanksgiving as much as I do? Go ahead, raise your hand.

{It’s okay, I won’t judge}

How could there be a better holiday than one where you gather and spend time with the people who matter the most to you and then stuff yourself silly to boot? Definitely tops in my book!

At this time of year, everyone likes to discuss all the many things they’re thankful for- and I have a list longer than my arm. But I would be remiss if I didn’t mention that one of the things for which I’m most thankful, is for this blog and for you readers. You guys have been there with me through all my crazy madcap antics, weight loss ups and downs, a cross country move, and craft projects gone awry.

I wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for y’all, so this craft’s for you! Thank you!



Today, I’m bringing you an adorable {and easy!} craft you can whip up in a single day to grace your Thanksgiving mantlescape, sideboard, or even stagger between dishes down your Thanksgiving table! {Yep- you can acutally get it done before Turkey Day!}


Thanks to my friends at Oriental Trading, I was able to find all the supplies I needed to complete this craft in one easy spot, at a price that made my wallet {and husband} happy! Defnitely something I’m thankful for!

Here’s what you’ll need:

Supplies Needed

Paintable wood frames (glass removed)


Burlap for background (any color you prefer)

Letter stencil templates (if needed/desired)

Autumn colored buttons

Acrylic paint (tan/ brown/ cream)

Clear/top coat

Tacky/hot glue

And here’s how to put it all together:


To start, decide what you want to spell and grab that many frames. I chose to use the word ‘thankful’, so I needed 8 frames in total. Remove the glass (place it somewhere safe!) and gather all your backer boards (is that what those are called?) Grab your burlap ribbon and your trusty tacky glue, and start gluing your ribbon down.


Note: I found my burlap on clearance at Michael’s during the summer, but Oriental Trading has many different versions to choose from, including cute Chevron designs! You can also paint the regular burlap if you want a solid color burlap background like mine- it won’t change your end product at all.


I just placed a small bead of glue along the edge of the backer board, lined up the burlap, and let my ribbon overlap. Once it was dry, I went back and cut it to size. That was MUCH easier than beating my head trying to measure, cut, measure, cut… you get the picture.


Once all your ribbon is glued down and dry, freehand or stencil your letters onto your burlap background using light pencil strokes (you will cover them up, so it’s okay if they are a bit dark). My freehand letters are terrible! I was that one chick in middle school that couldn’t even make bubble letters properly! ACK!


So, I used these awesome monogram stencils and they made life SO much easier! I chose to use the funky font from the stencils, because I wanted something a little upbeat and fun. A quick trace and I was ready for BUTTONS!


Note: These really cool button organizers come from Tuesday Morning and both together were only $1.99. Plus, they stack! I will most certainly be going back to stock up!

Now comes the fun part. Take your largest buttons and tacky glue, and fill in as much as you can (you can use a few small buttons if you have reeeeally big open splotches). Be warned that your corners will still be wide open and you will see your pencil marks. They are not meant to be covered at this point. This is only our first layer!


Once you give your buttons a chance to dry enough that they won’t move on you, take some smaller buttons and start building up your second layer. At this point, you want to stack your smaller buttons on top of the big ones, but jutting out over the open spaces- this way, the second layer starts obscuring your pencil marks! Neato mosquito!


After that layer is nice and mostly dry, look them over for any last little places where you feel a button or two {or ten} is needed. I usually found that my corners still needed covering or there was a spot or two that I had missed completely. It usually required my teeniest, tiniest buttons- but I was able to make it work. Then, let those babies dry for a good while before assembling with your frames.



For the painting, you’ll have to build up three layers of color (this is necessary for the sanding process- but it’s also quick and easy!) I began with a quick coat of light tan paint on all of my frames. It’s not essential to cover them completely… or to even cover them well. The point is to make them look a little rustic and well-loved, so don’t paint them ‘perfect’.


After the light tan is dry, slap on a coat of dark brown. I added a drop of black paint to make my dark brown REALLY dark. Feel free to play around with your colors, adding drops of different colors here and there until you get shades you really like. You’re making something you’ll decorate with for years to come {hopefully!}, so you want it to be something you actually like looking at!


After your dark brown is dry, add on a coat of light cream. I’m not partial to cream because I think it has too much yellow, so I toned mine down with a LOT of white. Give your frames an hour or two to cure, so the paint gets nice and hard, before you start sanding.


Once your curing is completed, grab your trusty sandpaper and just start sloughing off paint! Hit your edges, do some flat areas- be gentle in some places and go right down to the wood in others. The end result is to make it look like these frames have been around FOREVER and have been passed down through the years. The three coats of paint come in handy at this point, because the deeper you sand, the more colors you see! Neat trick!

  DSCN6958-2   DSCN6960-2 DSCN6957-2 DSCN6961-2

Give the frames a quick wipe down with a damp cloth and then slap on a quick coat of Mod Podge to seal them and you’re all set to complete your craft!

Once everything is dry and set and ready, just place your backer boards back into your frames. Keep in mind, they will fit much more tightly because the burlap is much thicker than a photo, but that just means it’s extra secure, right? ;)


Display proudly with all your Thanksgiving finery and have a yourself a holiday worth truly being ‘thankful’ for!


Happy crafting!


P.S. If you like my adorable Mr. & Mrs. Turkey Table runner, it’s from OT too!

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