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‘Blessed’ Quilled Banner Craft

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Knock, knock. Me again! Aren’t you glad I’m only here in your computer and not actually showing up at your door during the Thanksgiving holidays?! :D I would bring a pie or something, but since I’m pretty sure uninvited guests aren’t real high on your priority list, I’ll just stick to the computer screen.

{You’re welcome}

Even though I’m only coming to you thanks to a broadband network, I do still come bearing gifts! Hopefully, you were here yesterday to get in on my cute ‘Thankful’ Button Craft, which I was able to bring to you thanks to my friends over at Oriental Trading. Well, those lovely folks are at it again, and because of them I get to bring you another gorgeous craft for this holiday season.

Introducing my…

‘Blessed’ Quilled Banner


 I absolutely love pennants and banners. I think they are so stinkin’ cute when hanging on wreaths, frames, and, of course, the customary mantle.  I use them to celebrate any and every occasion I can think of, so I knew I wanted to make one for Thanksgiving (especially since it is one of my favorite holidays ever!)

However, I was kind of stymied when it came to figuring out the design plan of it all- especially since I lost out on a fireplace (boo! hiss!) with our move to Missouri. So I had to come up with some inventive way to hang whatever banner I eventually created.

Also, I wanted to think outside the box regarding design aesthetics. Normally, I have such whimsical and kitschy decorations- for this undertaking I knew I wanted something a bit more reserved and delicate.

Here’s how I made that happen….

Supplies Needed

Wood Banner Squares

Acrylic Paint
(cream/white/hunter green/light brown/dark brown)

Martha Stewart Glitter Paint- Sugar Cube

‘Love Letter’ Background Stamp

Monogram Stencils

Quilling Kit (*more about this later!)


Paper Trimmer

Jute rope


Start by taking your wood banner squares (you get a dozen, by the way- so it’s a GREAT deal!) and pull out however many you need for the word(s) you plan to spell. I chose to spell ‘blessed’, so I needed 7.


Paint them whatever background color you decided to use. I wanted a light color, but not stark white- so I went with a cream lightened up with some white, mixed with some Martha Stewart Glitter Paint (in Sugar Cube)- just to add a touch of shimmer. I only put on two light coats of paint, because I wanted some of the wood grain to show through- I wanted a rustic elegance to my banner.


{Note: I took all of my color choices from my OT Mr. & Mrs. Turkey Table Runner}


Once your background is dry, take your love letter background stamp and start stampin’! I mixed a touch of light brown paint with my dark brown and did a very light dry brushing over my stamp. I didn’t want my image to be too sharp- I wanted it to look like faded letters or newsprint on the background of my banner.


{Normally I’m SUCH a perfectionist when it comes to things likes this, and I’m really hard on myself if I don’t get it just right. I really took it easy on myself this time and love the uneven, imperfect look of each square of the banner}


Once the paint was good and dry, it’s time to start lettering. You’ll remember from my last post, that freehand lettering is NOT my shtick! So, I employed the use of my handy-dandy mongram stencils again- so helpful!


Just place, center, and trace. Doesn’t get much easier! I wouldn’t concern myself overmuch about the darkness of your pencil lines, unless you’re painting your letters with a light color- then I might worry…


Once everything is traced, start carefully painting in your letters. I chose to use a dark hunter green (to which I added a drop of black), because it made it look so graceful and grand. I used my smallest paintbrush and took my time with all the detail work- my lines aren’t perfectly straight, but it came out so lovely I really can’t complain.

After they’re painted, it’s time for adornments. I originally bought these burlap leaves to use on them, because I love the dichotomy between rustic and refined; vintage and traditional. However, when I placed them on the banner- they just didn’t work. Somehow, it screamed out for something more.

I knew I wanted to do something floral-ish; possibly almost Victorian in nature. And like a true craft-o-phile, I thought ‘why not use this as an opportunity to learn something new?’.  So, one Google search later and I was knee-deep in pictures of paper flowers.

Thhhhhhen I discovered the joy that is quilling.

Quilling (i.e. paper filligree) is an old fashioned art form (from the Renaissance period) that utilizes 1/8″ strips of paper to create some of the most fantastic designs I have ever seen in my entire life. Here’s just a sampling…

{Pssst…you can close your mouth now. You’re catching flies}

Once I saw it, I knew this was something I HAD to try. I ran straight to Hobby Lobby and bought myself a beginner’s quilling kit- because I didn’t know where else to start.


This kit is AWESOME! It provides everything you need to start learning how to quill (including already cut-to-size strips!) and even has a how-to book which makes this insanely complicated looking art form, that much more approachable! :) And with a 40% off coupon- well, I love getting MORE for LESS! ;)

DSCN6980-2 DSCN6981-2

Once home, I grabbed all of my autumn colored cardstock and paper trimmer and settled in for the undertaking of slicing quilling strips. {Even though the set included some, they were all primary and pastel colors- didn’t really work for my purposes here}


After that, it was just a matter of creating designs for each square.


With the help of Google, the booklet included with my kit, and Pinterest, I managed to come up with some gorgeous designs for each square.


They flow together well, based on their color palette- but are just different enough to catch the eye and stand on their own merits.


I love some of the autumnal elements I threw in- like the adorable little mushroom in the pic above. He’s such a ‘fungi’! :)


Spirals were a big element in my design. They’re really easy to make and I love the way they look in a 3-D format.


Adding leaves to plain, old spirals and swoops instantly turns them into harvest delights!


I think the most fun for me, in discovering this new art form, was combining the modernist elements (funky spirals, teardrop flowers with odd sized petals, etc) with the traditional (‘S’ spirals, tight rolls, leaf designs, etc.) It was amazing watching something so beautiful form from strips of colored paper!

After everything is glued and dry, run some jute rope through the holes and glue it down the back along the length of the banner (for added stability). I had to do some creative engineering, as these squares are originally designed to be hung horizontally, but a vertical banner was what I had my heart set on… so I found a way to make it work!

A quick bow at the top and it’s ready to hang!


Display proudly with all your harvest decor and enjoy your holidays.

{Try not to stuff yourself as full as your turkey!}


Happy crafting!


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