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I’m baaaaaaaaack!


K8B9VP4G Didyamissme?Didyamissme?Didyamissme? :)

Seriously, it’s toats ok if you didn’t, but it means a lot to me if you did! I really did miss you guys though! Man- I do have to say I feel like I have been gone FOR. EV. ER! So much has been happening in my life that has kept me from my blog (promise not to bore ya too much with the deets) and this is the first time I’ve really been able to get back to you, my darling readers!

For those of you who follow me, I’m sure the first thing you’ll notice is that the blog actually looks quite different. That’s because I finally made the leap and switched from Blogger to WordPress. YAY WordPress! However, it didn’t come without its hurdles. Can anyone say learning curve?!?! The initial transition was fairly easy but getting my theme to do what I wanted it to do turned out to be muy problematico. After lots of tears (and frustrated emails) we finally got code worked out and now everything is retro and vintage and beautiful! I love it lots and I hope you do too because I went through a lot to make it lovely for you! And for me. But mostly for you.

For the first time since I started this blog, you’ll notice I have some awesome new eye candy decorating my page. As I know absolutely NOTHING about web design or coding, I had to hire out most of what you see. But thanks to B-man at fiverr.com, I got my beautifully amazing badge/icon, a really vintage looking banner (which will soon be up on my FB page- like my page and check it out!), and FINALLY a favicon!!! HOORAY!! I have wanted a favicon for as long as I’ve had this blog and I’m so excited it’s finally happened. Plus, because it’s fiverr.com, it was all inexpensive! Nothing’s over $5! If you need anything designed for your website, blog, business- he’s your go-to guy! He basically took my random thoughts and invented my design- I couldn’t have come up with something better myself if I had tried!

For the record, it wasn’t just all fun and games designing the blog while I’ve been in absentia. I also had the ‘pleasure’ of handling my mom falling and fracturing her pelvic bone (ouch!) , ending up in the hospital and then in a rehab center a good 30 miles away from my home. Keep in mind she did all this just 2 weeks after moving into her new house, so guess who was responsible for getting her house unpacked and settled while she was recuperating? That’s right- this girl! You wanna talk about a P.I.T.A!! But mom’s woulda done it for me, so I had to pony up and do it for her.

You might think that with all this going on, I didn’t have time for any crafting or DIYing or anything of that nature- and you would be….WRONG (much to my husband’s chagrin)! Crafting and DIYing and all that goodness is kind of like my therapy (only cheaper…sometimes), so I made sure that I fit it into my packed schedule- especially so I’d have something to write about when my blog was back up and running! We also incorporated some of the house renovations I know y’all love seeing (don’t we all LOVE a good kitchen reno?!) and the diet is slated to get back on track posthaste. So all the goodness you’ve come to know and love this blog for will be back lickety-split… and it’ll be like I was never even gone!

Please note that there are still a few bugs to work out, so you may receive feeds of posts that have already been published as I make sure links still work, etc. There’s still tons of updating to do before the old girl is at her 100% best, so be aware that you will notice changes as time goes on (i.e. right now there’s not a single word under the about me page- not because I’m boring or anything- just because I haven’t had the time to write it!) Also, I’m geared for all the new content I’m going to be adding, which includes some new additions to the menu at the top of the blog (such as homeschooling 101). I want to add more to each of those pages, but right now those menus go…nowhere. Be patient, they will eventually have content. Girl Scouts honor!

Until next time….



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